Oy Vey, it's Yiddish!

Yiddish is a combination of the local languages of Germany, Poland, Russia, and other Eastern European nations where Jews settled from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century. It's a complete language full of dramatic expression that reached its height of development before World War II. Unfortunately, I don't know the language, but I'm very familiar with Yiddish as many of these words and expressions are still uttered daily by my grandparents and occasionally by me. You'll find that many of these words are very onomatopoetic.
Some of my favorite words are bubele, shmuck, shmo, feygele, schmaltz, meshuggeneh, chutzpa, and the ever popular shmegege.
The most common phrase has to be "Oy vey!"
The only 2 obviously Yiddish named personalities are Shleprock and Megillah Gorilla.
abi as long as
aha expletive signifying a myriad of meanings
aleichem to you (shalom aleichem & aleichem shalom)
aliyah to emigrate to Israel; to be called up to the Torah
alter kocker an old codger
Ashkenazi Eastern European Jew
ay ay ay an interjection - wonderful or painful
bagel hard glazed donut shaped roll
balebos a boss man: head of household
balebusta female boss; unbelievably capable homemaker
bar (Heb.) son of
bar mitzvah a 13 yr old boy's coming of age ceremony
bas (Heb.) daughter of
bas mitzvah a 12 or 13 fir old girl's coming of age ceremony
bashert predestined; meant to be
bialy Oat breakfast roll with a depressed center usually sprinkled with onion
bissel (bissl) a little, a bit
blintz filled pancake - sauteed or baked
bonditt a crook; a mischevious or (sometimes) a clever fellow
borsht cold or hot beet soup
boychik young boy
bris circumcision ceremony
brokha blessing
brokh misfortune
bubbe grandmother (bubbemayse- nonsense; old wive's tale)
bubelah darling, sweetheart - especially a child (lit. "little grandma")
bubkes nothing - an insulting sum or price
bokher yeshiva student (lit. chosen)
bulvon a brute
chai (khay) life; the number 18
chaim (khayim) a man's name meaning "life";
chaim yankel a country bumpkin
challah soft, braided ceremonial bread glazed with egg white
chochma wisdom
cholent (tsholnt) a Slowly cooked stow begun before Sabbath and eaten after
choleria (kholerya) a plague - used as a curse (M. cholera)
chossen (khosn) groom
chuppa (khupa) wedding canopy
chutzpa unmitigated gall; nerve; daring; gall
daven (davn) to pray; agonize over a decision
deli prepared food, or piece where it is sold
derinnen thing - "in mitn derinnen' - in the middle of the thing
dreck garbage; something of poor quality (lit. keel
driml dream
ek end
emmis the truth
er suffix - plural
farbissener embittered person
farblondget (farblondzhet) gone astray. lost your bearings confused, mixed up
farfel farfl noodles in the form of small pallets, granules or squares
farmisht confused; mixed up
farpatshket messed up
fartutst befuddled
feh exclamation of disgust or disapproval
feygele an effeminate or gay male (lit. little bird)
flanken boiled flank steak
fleyshik made with meat
fonfer to stutter: a double talker; bluffer; cheater
freilich happy, joyous
fress eat, especially a lot or quickly
frum religious; observant
gefilte fish fish cakes (lit. "filled fish")
>gelt money
geshmak extremely tasty
get a religious divorce
gevalt exclamation of help or fear
gezunt health
ghetto neighborhood; quarter of a city where Jews were required or chose to live
glatt strictly kosher (lit. smooth)
glick luck
glitch skip; commonly applied today to a minor detect, mishap, or malfunction in a machine. esp. a computer
goniff thief; rascal
gornisht nothing
gotenu (gotenyu) oh my God
gott God
goy a non Jew, a gentile
grosse big
gutt good
halakha (halokha) Jewish law
halvah (khalva) (Arabic) crushed seam candy in a syrup base
hartz heart
hasid (khosid) member of ultra orthodox hasidic Jewish sect
heder (kheyder) room - especially a school room
hamish (heymish) cozy; homey; familiar
hok to yak; nag, strike; as in "hok a tshaynik" - to yak a Id
hondel (hondl) to bargain
hu ha expression meaning surprise envy or admiration
ic suffix
im suffix meaning plural
in in
is is
ish suffix meaning being like
kaddish mourner's prayer
kalle bride
kasha buckwheat groats
keppele (lit. "little head") usually used affectionately with a child
khaver friend
khazer pig; person who is a glutton or selfish
khazeray fifth, trashy food; assortment of items, junk, nic Am
kibosh something that serves as a check or stop
kibitz chit chat; discuss informally; to comment while watching a game or working
kind child
kinohora (keyn ayn-hora) sort Vie evil eye
kishkes guts intestines
klezmer Eastern European Jewish folk music
klog Woo
klug smart or clever
klutz a clumsy person
knaker big shot someone who thinks they are very important
kneidel (kneydl) a dumping - usually made of matzo meal
knish dumpling usually made of potato or kasha
kop head (loch in kop - a "hole in the head')
kosher in accordance with Jewish dietary laws; honest
kreplach (kreplekh) stuffed dumplings ~ usually served in a soup
kugel (kugl) noodle or potato pudding
kveil (kvel) to be delighted; beam with pride; especially over children
kvetch (kvetsh) a complainer; to complain
lacht (lakht) laughs
landsman person from the old neighborhood or country
latke potato pancake
leben life
liebe love
litvak Lithuanian Jew
loch (lokh) hole - 'loch in kW (lit. hole in the bead)
lokshn a tall thin person (lit. noodle)
lox smoked salmon
loyf run
luft air ("luftmensch" - an Impractical fellow - a dreamer)
machen (makhn) make
macher (makher) important person; big shot a 'mover"
makheteneste your daughter or son's mother-In-law
makhetunim your spouse's extended family
machuten (mekhutn) your daughter or son's father-in-law
madela (meydela) young girl
mama mother
mamela little girl (lit. little mother)
matzo unleavened bread
maven expert; connisseur
mazel (mazi) luck
mecheieh (mekhaya) a pleasure
megillah (megilla) a long, complicated story
mensch (mentsh) a decent fellow, a decent human being
meshugge crazy person; nuts (meshuggener - crazy man)
meshuggeneh crazy woman)
metsieh a lucky break; bargain
mishegos craziness
mikvah ritual bath taken by Jewish women before getting married & other occasions
michlig (milkhik) milk product
minyon (minyen) quorum of ten people (traditionally men) needed to conduct religious services
Mir me
mish mosh a mix up
mishpocha (mishpokha) family
mit with
Mitn middle 'in mitn derinnen - out of the blue
mitzvah (mitsva) a good deed (Iit. commandment)
momzer rascal rogue (lit. bastard)
moyel ritual circumciser - performs a "bris"
naches (nakhes) pride & joy delight
nebbish (nebekh) a sad sack
nar a fool
nik suffix dandling a person or thing
nosh a snack; to snack
nu exclamation meaning well or, so
nudge (nudzh) a bore or pest; to bore or pester; to push
nudnik a pest
ongeblozzen (ongeblozn) bloated; puffed Lip; overdone
ongepotshket messed up; slapped together
ongeshtopt very wealthy (lit. "stuffed")
oy exclamation
oy oy oy exclamation
pareve dietetically neutral; made without meat or milk
patshke mess around, fiddle with things
pesach (peysekh) passover
peyes uncut sideburns grown by orthodox males
pisher a young squirt
plosher a braggart
plotz to fall down extremely fired (14. to burst)
punim face
pupik navel
pushke charity container kept at home
putz a real jerk (lit. penis); more offensive than "shmuck"
rachmones (rakhmones) pity, compassion
rabbe rabbi
sachel (seykyl) street smarts
safta (Heb.) grandmother
schneid (Ger.) to shut out an opponent - especially in
sephardi an Iberian or Middle Eastern Jew
seykhl common sense, street smarts
shm sound used as a dismissing prefix
shabbas (shabbes) sabbath - Saturday
shadchen (shadkhn) a professional matchmaker
shaineh (sheyneh) pretty
shalom (sholem) Heb. lit. peace; hello/good-bye
shanda (shand) a shame; embarrassment, humiliation
shaytl (sheytl) wig traditionally worn by European orthodox Jewish women
shekel (Heb.) money
sheygets a gentile man
shiddach (shiddekh) an arranged marriage; an arranged business relationship
shikker drunk
shikse gentile Woman
shiva period of mourning
shlemeil a simpleton unlucky person
shlemazl a fool; bungler; unlucky person: pathetic loser: nerd
shlep a bore or jerk; to carry or drag around
shlock junk, items of poor or worthless quality; cheap
shluff sleep
shlug to beat
shlump sloppy person
shmaltz wealth; corny; overly decorated (lit. chicken fat used for cooking,
or eating)
shmatte dress or garment (lit. rag) - can be used as a compliment or insult
shmeer a bribe; flattery; to bribe (lit. spread)
shmegege silly or stupid person; a simpleton
shmendrik an ineffectual or insignificant person
shmo a simpleton
shmooze to idle around and talk shop
shmuck a jerk (lit. penis)
shmutz dirt
shnook a dope or fool
shnorrer someone who takes more than his share, chiseler, beggar
shnoz nose
shalom (Heb.) (sholem) peace
shpilkes jitters, nerves, anxious, inpatient (IN. pins)
shtarker a stout fellow; a strong person
shtetl a small town
shtik a routine or behavior, especially an actors
shtunk a stinker; an unpleasant person
shtup to stuff, screw or bribe
shul synagogue
shvitz to sweat
simca (simkha) happy occasion
soyne enemy
tallis prayer shawl
tam taste
tata father
tchotchke (tshotshka) insignificant item, toy or ornament
toches (tokhes) butt
tov (Heb.) good
tracht thinks
treyfe unclean, non-kosher, forbidden
tsaddik a righteous person
tshaynik teapot (commonly used in "hok a tchynik" - to yak a lot)
tsimmes a vegetable stew; big deal; fuss
tsdaka (tsdoka) charity (14. justice)
tsurris calamity, trouble
tsitses fringe (of a talis)
tummel (tumml) commotion
tummler (tumler) funmaker
un and
utz nag
vakakta (farkakt) screwed up
vance (vants) post (lit, bed bug) usually used regarding a child
veit world
vey when preceded by "oy" - an expression meaning 'oh my God"
veyn cry
vigorish (Ukranian) interest paid to a moneylender; lit. profit
vuss what
Yankel (Yankl) country bumkin (when preceded by "chaim")
yarmulka (yarmlke) skullcap
yenta a busybody. gossip or meddler
yeshiva school
yichis (yikhes) pedigree, lineage
Yiddish language of Central & Eastern European Jewry
yold a fool
yuntov (yuntef) holiday (lit. good day)
zaftig (zaftik) juicy plump, buxom
zayda (zeyda) grandfather
zetz a punch or blow
zhlub disheveled, pathetic person
zits sit
zy go
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