as·i·nine (as'e-nin') adj. [Lat. asininus, of an ass < asinus, ass.] 1. Marked by failure to exercise prudent judgment or common sense : SILLY <asinine behavior> 2. Of, relating to, or like an ass. 

What is!?
It is the most asinine site on the web, of course.
Who is
Me, my wife, my kids, and whatever asinine stuff I wish to post. As you can see, I like computers, cars, my fraternity, and the silly stuff that brings a smile to my face.
Is for sale?
Not really. I've owned it for about 10 years now and all my friends, enemies, associates, relatives, and semi-conscious people with a computer know how to find me at It would have to be a sweet offer for me to even consider selling.

I've actually had a few inquiries. The funniest one was from a guy's mom who wanted to buy it for her son's band, Asinine. I told her to contact me after their first gold record -- haven't heard from them yet....

It's a stupid story. When I was searching for a domain name, every name or word I could think of was taken. After frustration set in, I pounded the keyboard and said "This is really asinine." Out of curiosity, I typed in and it was available, so I registered it and have used it with pride.
webmaster at asinine dot com 2001