as·i·nine (as'e-nin') adj. [Lat. asininus, of an ass < asinus, ass.] 1. Marked by failure to exercise prudent judgment or common sense : SILLY <asinine behavior> 2. Of, relating to, or like an ass. 

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Mrs. Writes:

"We had a lab tour today, potential $ donations, of the Young President's Wives Club. All under-40ish, dressy, rich women. They are touring the department today, and when they were in our lab the fact of animal experiments came up. As you might expect, they were not happy. But the office manager explained that we had to, because we can't work on humans. So they suggested (seriously) that we look into convicts for experimenting. Apparently convicts are lower than rats in the YPWC. Needless to say, I think we can stop expecting donations from that end."

Truth is more entertaining than fiction.


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